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Адрес: RUSSIA, Krasnodar

Телефон: 8(988)366-99-34


The activity we carry out in strict compliance with Russian Federation law "On private detective and security activity," "On Weapons" and in close cooperation with government authorities on legal protection against unlawful encroachments. A rigorous selection process and a growing level of training possible to create a cohesive team of highly qualified specialists capable of solving any problem in providing various types of security.

Association of Private Security Company (PSC), Krasnodar (Russian Federation) ensures the safety of their customers at all levels. Here we analyze in advance the level of potential threat to life and property the client, giving advice on means of protection. Mounting the technical security systems. Assess the potential threats to protected object. We give advice on the use of technical means. In this paper, our company strives to build confidence in matters of personal security of the client and close protection officers.

Private security company "APSCM" and the Association of Private Security Company of Krasnodar (Russian Federation) is part of network security companies in Krasnodar (Russian Federation) and operates under a license from the Russian Interior Ministry in cooperation with all security companies, Krasnodar (Russian Federation).

Surveillance and Private Security "APSCM" and the Association of private security companies, the Krasnodar (Russian Federation) associated with the organization of the object (objects), physical protection and a console. Works cynological and technical service, customer support on our protected areas. Our experience ensures a comprehensive safety and security at the facilities at any level, from banking institutions and office buildings to large commercial, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, properly organized in terms of traffic safety regime, predict and prevent crisis situations in the workplace.

Private Security Company (PSC) "APSCM" and the Association of Private Security Krasnodar (Russian Federation) fully formed from a licensed security personnel specially trained in the preparatory school and a private security guard with experience in law enforcement and security services. The entire staff of the PSC is selected and constantly improving their skills. Security guards hired, probation at sites with the lowest load, and then transferred worthy of a more complex object protection. When a job at PSC, all employees undergo control testing and security vetting.

Our private security company has developed a methodology for internal audits of duty guards, intelligence gathering on the work of staff present at the workplace (guard), which ensured the provision of security services of high quality. We are trying to identify unreliable, dishonest staff, constantly testing for professional competence, thereby forming strong, healthy team, ready to solve the most difficult tasks. Since 2010, all the guards PSC pass a qualifying examination for professional suitability. All guards will be assigned to PSC qualification under the results of this test. Private Security Company (PSC) "APSCM" - a team of professionals in the provision of security services to cope with any challenge to its working area. Professional protection - it is our job we are doing more than a decade.

Taking care of their employees - no small factor. We are challenging times, difficult, and we are proud to say that over the past years, there were no delays in salary in our company. State of PSC is more than five hundred people. Excellence among PSCs based on good governance and interaction in the company. Top managers of the Association of PSC and PSC "APSCM" Krasnodar (Russian Federation) has many years of experience in leadership positions, many in law enforcement agencies, security and business. The work is conducted, observing the letter of the Law of RF on the basis of training of security officers and heads of departments, relying on the knowledge of its affairs and issues relating to the provision of security services. His work is based on interaction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, actively participate in protecting the lives and health of citizens and their property from illegal encroachments by criminal elements.

Association of Private Security Company (PSC) is open for joint projects with commercial and government organizations and institutions. In making the object under the protection of our specialists will conduct a comprehensive survey and an examination of the object to determine the most efficient and cost-efficient security system. Then the client will be given advice on the choice of tactics to ensure the protection of the object. Protection of banks, enterprises, offices, showrooms, shopping malls, gas stations, homes, and protecting children's institutions in Krasnodar (Russian Federation) and the Krasnodar (Russian Federation) region - a partial list of our sites. The territory of the association PSC - Krasnodar (Russian Federation) and the Krasnodar (Russian Federation) Territory. We know how to quickly and efficiently organized facilities protection of your business. Our clients in the cities: Kasnodar, Sochi, Anapa, Armavir, Yeisk, Tuapse, Gelendzhik, etc. The specialists of technical department will assist you in installing and mounting panel protection systems, fire systems and alarm systems and video surveillance and access control protected objects.

The success and safety business, your personal safety - all this will provide a private security company (PSC).

When we talk about private security companies, we mean words such as PSC, security, security services. Identification, localization and neutralization of threats to your business - all include security services that we offer. Not every private security company (PSC) has such highly skilled employees, as we do. All representatives of the managerial staff of private security companies (PSC) "APSCM" have many years experience in security structures and law enforcement. Not all private security companies (PSC) so closely related to the selection of its staff, who often can not navigate in an extreme situation and endanger your safety. Our security companies operate at the highest level.

To ensure high quality of our security services, we have developed a range of measures to ensure your safety. Services provided by a private security company (PSC) is - a comprehensive survey and an examination of the object entrusted to determine the most efficient and cost-effective system of protection, advice on tactics to ensure the protection of the object. Private Security Company (PSC) is an optimal solution for the protection of their business. Turning to the security agency "APSCM", you can rest assured of their security, and protection of family, your environment and security of your company. Security Agency - the guarantor of peace any business person.

Enter Private Security Company Association of Private Security "APSCM" in your phone list - here you will find support in any matters concerning the provision of security services. At the core of our activities is the principle of strict compliance with the laws of Russia and non-interference in the work and personal interests you - our customers.

. Private security company "APSCM" (PSC) provides a wide range of security services: protection of offices, banks, security, protection of restaurants and clubs, personal protection, including protection of weapons, security companies, the protection of property during transportation and protection of cultural events, presentations, VIP parties and other security services. Your successful work and our security - was the key to this success and secure!

Since its inception, our security agency has accumulated invaluable experience in security and provide security services. In PSC "APSCM" are only qualified licensed staff with experience in security structures.

PSC "APSCM" is one of the few private security firms, which swell the ranks of the staff are real professionals most of them were trained in the various state security agencies. The company's employees PSC "APSCM" receive special fire and melee training, as well as possess the knowledge and skills to quickly navigate in an emergency. That is why the security of our employees is at a high level.

Mission - to use their knowledge and capabilities to ensure successful and safe business of our clients.

 Many companies and individuals choose us because we offer a wide range of services and guarantee the quality of their work. Security enterprise PSC "APSCM" offers the following services: site protection, personal protection, collection of funds, maintenance of property, technical security and much more. At the high value of the protected object or in the exercise of personal protection to our enterprise may be protecting a weapon.

Task specialization of the company is:

  • Services for consulting - legal support of our customers;
  • providing the full range of security services;

Staff: the employees of our private security agency (PSC) - our values, another important condition is the comprehensive and systematic approach to organizing work.

Professionalism: a detailed and complete knowledge of the business and the ability to apply it - is our principle.

Professional security guards PSC "APSCM" bear their service very seriously. For five years we have vast experience in the protection of objects of any complexity. Our security services make your life more calm and keep your nerves. We are ready to give advice and answer all your questions in the field of security.

Reliability: confidentiality, mutual trust and respect in relations with all clients - our priority activities.

Stability and quality: an individual approach to each client, timely and efficient provision of security services - this is the pledge of our desire to always be ahead.

Legitimacy: the entire company's activities is implemented by the PSC in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and the Law "On private detective and security activity." Our Security Company (PSC) is an association of independent organizations, the security system.

Call us at tel. 8 (988) 366-99-34 and we will try to answer all questions.

Protection of immovable objects are - protection office, shop, warehouse, business, educational institution

Protection of immovable objects - it is very difficult and responsible task. Protection of objects represents a range of security measures largely precautionary nature. Effectively be regarded as an organization of protection, under which offenders will not be able to find and use weaknesses in the security regime as its benefits.

To order our services, please contact by phone 8 (988) 366-99-34

Protection of stationary objects



24 hours

12 hours

10 hours

Building sites, warehouses, parking lots, Condominiums, cottage settlements


80 rub. 1 person / hour.
(From 57600 rub. Per month)

from 140 rub. 1 person / hour.
(From 50400 month)

from 160 rub. 1 person / hour
 (From 48000 month)



from 120 rub. 1 person / hour.
(From 86400 rub. Per month)

from 180 rub. 1 person / hour.
(From 64800 rub. Per month)

from 200 rubles. 1 person / hour.
(From 60000 rub. Per month)

Offices, Business centers, banks, shopping malls, clubs, restaurants,
jewelry stores, boutiques, etc.


from 100 rub. 1 person / hour.
(From 72000 rub. Per month)

from 160 rub. 1 person / hour
(From 57600 rub. Per month)

from 180 rub. 1 person / hour
 (From 54000 rub. Per month)


from 140 rub. 1 person / hour.
(From 100,800 rubles. Per month)

from 220 rub. 1 person / hour
(From 79,200 rubles. Per month)

from 240 rub. 1 person / hour
(From 72000 rub. Per month)


Hourly rates depend on the conditions of service protection, technical strengthening of the object, form of payment, etc. The final agreement is reached after the test object during the direct negotiation between the interested parties.

Our security agency has developed and implemented a system clock monitoring of staff on protected objects, which helps ensure consistent high quality of services. For each protected object company develops and coordinates with the administration of a plan of action in emergency situations and protection should be informed of any changes.

We know that the appearance and behaviour of our security staff and affects the image of a protected object, so we are always pleased to offer our customers a choice of uniforms for guards to be used at the facility will be consistent with the style of the object and the challenges facing the protection of .

Tactically, the protection of stationary objects consists of the following elements: the regime of protection, used tactics, skills guards.

Safety and security of stationary objects in time can have a clock, partial or selective.

Private security guards of objects is, on the one hand, their appearance, equipment, weapons produce a demonstration of their strength and determination to protect the property, but on the other hand, the timely detection of signs of impending crime and competently to neutralize it by all available forces and means.

Private security companies "APSCM" for the protection of fixed facilities apply the following methods of monitoring and inspection of the protected object: the frontal view of the object at which the guards move in one direction to the boundary of the object, and then being moved in the opposite direction, the movement towards each other, which, after convergence of the guards again divided, the motion in a spiral from the center of the object to its borders, serial examination of the object on an arbitrary trajectory, a selective examination of the object depending on the significance of property, movement of the ever-changing route, traffic along the route with stops inspection of the property from an ambush or a specially-equipped office.

Protection of objects at the guards on duty bearing PSC conducted in accordance with the requirements of the client. The guards should organically fit into the work of the protected object, to assist the administration in maintaining the established order.

Security personnel trained to predict the occurrence of difficult situations and take preventive measures to prevent their occurrence.

How exactly will be the protection of stationary objects, the choice of tactic depends on the specific object of the protected property and the professionalism of protection.

Writing a universal response is impossible. Depending on whether protection of public facilities will be made, whether the protection of offices, clinics, schools, stores, entrances, warehouses, etc., the staff of the PSC "APSCM" will resort to the use of different tactical methods.

The territory of our PSC - Krasnodar (Russian Federation), and the place of localization of the greatest number of PSC - Krasnodar (Russian Federation). Protection of stationary objects can be carried out by armed and unarmed guards in the city of Krasnodar (Russian Federation) and beyond. Security personnel may serve in uniform and in civilian clothes, depending on the requirements of the corporate policy of firm clients.

If the level of equipment protected object protection systems is not enough, experts, which include the holding of a technical unit, ready to provide advice and, if necessary, develop and equip the protected object security and fire alarm systems, access systems and perimeter protection, etc.

If necessary, the office of stationary objects can be carried out using sniffer dogs. In case of emergency situations security object can be enhanced by the rapid response team of our PSC.

The structure of the rapid response team composed of former military special forces and Interior Ministry Min.Oborony. If you receive an application and registration of the relevant treaty rapid response team translates into immediate standby mode.

Appointment television surveillance system (STVN)

Television surveillance system is designed for visual observation and recording (burning) of current events and for future viewing images of protected areas and technological object.

Modern video surveillance system should provide:

  • Hour control of the operational situation in the areas of surveillance;
  • recording images from cameras installed;
  • display and visual fixation of the situation in the "alarming" zone surveillance when receiving alarm signals from alarm systems;
  • automatic output to "alarming monitors, operators of images related to the alarming situation has arisen, the detection mode of activity (movement) in the zone of video cameras;
  • the ability to output images from multiple cameras on screens in multiscreen mode;
  • the ability to output images from a given camera to the monitor screen in fullscreen mode;
  • You can save backup on external media, view and transfer of archive images using standard computer technology.

As the television cameras can be used camera color or black and white set as the brackets, and on the rotators. STVN should have redundant power supplies to ensure it is working for 0.5 more hours.

Button Alarm (CBS) - equipment for hour emergency communication on unauthorized actions on the object on the remote centralized security.

Shops, banks, insurance and other facilities associated with the turnover of funds are equipped with alarm clock. The source of such systems are stationary and / or executed in the form of trinkets panic button. Fixed a panic button is usually installed secretly, while they should be available to permanent staff of the field. This type of signaling is practically impossible to disable. In case of danger or potential actions of malefactors officer quietly presses alarm (CCC) and signal an alarm goes to a central console, where it receives duty. The role of the duty - to convey information about the attack the nearest available patrol.

GSM-alarm system - the youngest and most promising type of alarm, that uses GSM-network as a communication channel between the protected and central monitoring stations. As an additional channel of communication is often used a telephone line.

The advantages of gsm:

  • rich functionality gsm-alarm;
  • Sending warning in automatic mode;
  • low cost data transmission equipment;
  • duplication of communication channels;
  • guards do not have telephone facilities.


  • technically possible to jam the signal generator noise.
  • possible instability in the cellular operators

Modern systems gsm-signaliztsii to address deficiencies apply:

  • backup channel;
  • automatic change of operator;
  • periodic survey of the facility;
  • remote antenna;

Conclusion: Security systems based on GSM advantageous to use both for personal purposes, and in complex centralized systems of protection and monitoring. It is very beneficial, and sometimes the only acceptable use of GSM signaling at sites where difficult to strip cable and telephone networks.

Protection of apartments, garages, cottages, this is an incomplete list, which can be used GSM-alarm system. Such security systems are ideal in the case of home use to monitor the arrival / departure of children, as well as to immediate notification of illegal entry.

The most widely used in security have an alarm system, which inform the owners and / or law enforcement services of unauthorized attempts to penetrate a protected premises.

Availability of safety equipment can equip alarm any objects of protection: businesses, offices, banks, houses, apartments, villas, etc. For information about the unauthorized infiltration uses all sensors - infrared and radio wave motion sensors, magnetic sensors to open doors and windows, glass break sensors, shock sensors and control panel (SCP), which reduces all the information about the events.

Equip alarm facility or an apartment - it is only half the battle, the greatest effect on the alarm is achieved when you connect it to the central monitoring stations . When used for transmission of alarm messages GSM-Alarm Alarm messages can be sent to cell phones owners of the protected object.

In large facilities, but office centers advisable to install computer security systems, which displays on-screen graphical plan of the protected object and the status of each room. Security alarm system integrated with a television monitor placed a security object to a higher level.

Fire alarms

The market presented a wide range of modern fire alarm systems and fire alarm - from simple to complex self-contained computer. The main purpose of these systems - is the source of fire detection and notification service personnel of fire. The basic structure fire alarms: fire sensors (detectors), receiving-control unit (PCU) and warning system. In view of the most characteristic features of ignition detectors (sensors) are: smoke, heat, optical, gas.

Some facilities are only required to install automatic fire extinguishing systems (AST). Prednazanchenie ACT fire safety systems is to provide emergency fire suppression without the participation of staff. Depending on the method of quenching distinguished: water, gas and powder automatic fire extinguishing. Usually, gas fire suppression system designed for installation in rooms with expensive computers and equipment, powder in the sales area, extinguishing - the warehouses and parking lots.

Increased requirements for fire safety from the KJV (Fire Department), a huge choice of means of fire alarm and fire suppression poses a difficult choice in front of the customer organization carries out coordination, design, installation and maintenance of fire safety systems. It should also be noted that the use of integrated security systems leads to lower costs and ease management of the overall security of the object.

We should not forget that the final analysis the choice of fire alarm systems is carried out based on customer requirements, which are governed by rules of fire safety of the Russian Federation and other normative documents:

  • Fire safety regulations of the Russian Federation (DSS 01-03)
  • List of buildings, structures, premises and equipment to be protected with automatic fire extinguishing and automatic fire alarm (NPB 110-03)
  • Warning systems and evacuation management of people in fires in buildings and structures (NPB 104-03)

With these and other documents can be found in the section - Security: articles and advice.

The system of access control systems (ACS) - a set of equipment, which restricts the access of undesirable persons on a certain object, but also collecting and recording the movement of persons on the premises, buildings and on the territory of the protected object.

The system access control must ensure:

  • Access through the points of passage individuals.
  • Managing executive barring devices (gates, turnstiles, doors, etc.).
  • Admission-controlled points of passage through the analysis readable, with a special device code identification device cards, depending on the permitted level of tolerance, the date and time of passage, and other factors.
  • Remote control of devices from a remote operator station.
  • Issuance of appropriate alarms on ARM when a failure is detected elements of the system, unauthorized entry through the points of passage; not closed after the authorized entry doors, bringing "lost" ID.
  • Recording protocol actions of the operator to manage the system.
  • Unlocking the doors with separate fire alarm according to plan evacuations.


The main task of the perimeter - is to identify unauthorized attempts to penetrate the territory of the facility by climbing over or destroying the main fence perimeter. There are an organization of physical security and electronic security equipment, consisting of sensitive elements, block processing of electrical signals and means of collecting information display for the detection and localization of attempts to penetrate into the territory.

Nowadays, perimeter security - an important part in the security system of factories, businesses and warehouses. There are objects that are subject to perimeter protection mandatory, it is bonded warehouses, nuclear power plants, oil economy, the objects of power structures, etc.

The most effective perimeter security - a complex of arrangements for physical security, video surveillance and tracking device on the integrity of the perimeter fence. Organizing the protection of the perimeter, it should also be taken into account and the authorized place of accommodation and are fitted guard posts, gates access control systems.

Maintenance Goods

The fate of any business, no matter whether it is a large industrial facility or a small company to trade computers, etc., very often depends on the immaculate performance of its obligations to the business partners. The first and foremost is the timely and safe delivery.

We understand how important it is for you to protect their property during the entire journey, and therefore suggest you use our services in support of cargo.

Support of cargoes in Krasnodar (Russian Federation) and the Krasnodar Territory (Russian Federation)

Maintenance Goods

Up to 18 hours

Îò From 18 to 24 hours

Protection arms

3600 rub. (1 guard)

4200 rub. (1 guard)

Car maintenance (with driver)

5600 rub.

7000 rub.

Car maintenance (with driver) + guard

9200 rub.

11200 rub.


Duration of service is determined by:
- Krasnodar (Russian Federation): from the moment of meeting (as specified in the application) until delivery;
- Krasnodar (Russian Federation) Territory: from the moment of the meeting until the return to Krasnodar (Russian Federation)

Maintenance of cargo in Russia

Maintenance Goods

Avto transport

Air transport

Railway transport

Protection arms

4800 rub. (Per day)

4000 rub. (Per day)

4000 rub. (Per day)

Car maintenance (with driver)

7000 rub. (Per day)




Pay rent. The first day regardless of the duration of the duties to protect paid in full. Second and subsequent days, based on the time of arrival at the destination of the calculation: Arrival of up to 12 hours, charged at 50% of the daily cost, arrival after 12 hours of paid in full. Delivery of staff to and from receiving the goods or the place of delivery, the railway or air transport - by the customer.

Our staff have received an excellent practical and invaluable skills and experience in the elite units of Russia, will provide you with a full range of services: armed guards and an armed escort of goods or any of your property.

Securing accompanying cargo, valuables, as well as physical security - one of the main activities PSC. To implement this type of security services we have the relevant experience and high qualification of our specialists and it is the guarantor of the efficacy and safety in the area of maintenance and transportation of your goods values.

PSC provides security for large enterprises and corporations, banks, small firms, individuals, and therefore protection has in its arsenal, radio, service weapons, and other technical resources for securing your cargo in transit. If necessary, we can significantly expand the technical capabilities of tracking your shipment.

We are engaged in this activity is not the first year - our reliability time-tested and confirmed by our customers.

Support of cargoes carried on throughout the Russian Federation, our employees are equipped with special gear and armed combat duty weapons and means of protection. Department of Safety and armed escorts cargo generated from the most trained of the company passed a special course of training required. Our company, in consultation with the client, may also provide a car with guards to ensure the safe delivery of property, protection of which is continuing. For each route is developed most the optimal scheme of motion, indicating safe places of recreation, traffic police posts, filling stations, service stations, medical facilities, etc.

Our security agency has extensive experience working with customs authorities, which allows you to quickly and efficiently resolve all issues related to registration of necessary documents, as well as with subsequent protection and support of cargoes.

In the carriage of goods by train the date of travel, the train number and nature of the goods must be known only to a limited number of employees PSC. Before you take the goods under protection, he carefully inspected, packed and sealed in the presence of security guards.

Delivery of cargo planes occurs when an important role in this process is the speed of delivery or due to terrain conditions, when the otherwise impossible to deliver the goods. The peculiarity of this kind of protection that guards must surrender their weapons during the flight.

In the carriage of goods by road, the leadership of PSC with the client determine the optimal number of staff to accompany the cargo, and also decide on the number of cars (one or escort). When you receive the goods under the guard checks the integrity of an awning and board the vehicle. Particular attention is paid to the clarity of impression seals. Our company has own one-time seal for sealing of cargo, which allows employees PSC additional preservation of the goods, as well as its safety and security.

The task of a company when accompanied by a freight cars - find out the type of wagon, which will be transported goods, including its suitability for long to find its occupants. Number of employees of security companies, which are necessary to protect the cargo, is determined by the client and the guidance of the PSC «APSCM», depending on the type of cargo, to protect it and the time the goods are in transit.

Ensuring safety and security of cargo on the ship is much like the protection of cargo during its transportation of railway transport. Employment Agency is paying attention to receive the cargo, its conservation and recreation organization rotating staff. Also, remember that the captain on board a man manager for all passengers on board. This suggests that members of security agencies must coordinate with the command of the ship their actions to secure cargo. In many systems, security of cargo on board is organized by analogy with the clock security model warehouse on land.

And even if you do not know what kind of transportation you need to carry cargo, do not worry, because our staff can help you with this, they will pick up the required transport and deliver your cargo in a safe and sound

Providing order during mass events.

Our security company provides security following activities:

 1. Cultural and sports and entertainment: concerts, sporting events, holiday presentation;

2. Advertising and commercial (fairs, presentations, sales);

3. Business meetings and receptions business partners (shareholders, as well as other meetings and receptions held in the buffet, buffet or cocktail party);

4. Other public events - weddings, banquets and meetings on various anniversaries and celebrations.

Among the common problems that are solved at mass events include:

  • familiarization with the object of his preliminary and main cleaning before the event;
  • establishing contact with the police and the agreement on cooperation and support as appropriate, the transfer of police offenders;
  • Bringing a warning on a building weapons, explosives, flammable substances and toxic substances, drugs, heavy objects and stones;
  • prevent passage of a protected area or protected area of the dogs;
  • control and maintain order at a location nearby and in adjacent areas (eg, controlling the action of persons in the adjacent banquet hall) 


Can you say, how much security? Can it be measured in monetary terms? "Yes, probably, in the case of loss of profits, the financial risks of lost investment and unreliable. The list goes on and on, and if you are willing to regularly calculate losses and not always tangible, the security can not worry. So, you decide - and hope to live safely return home, at work, etc., or yet to provide us care about the security of you and your family.


24 hours

Not less than 12 hours

Bodyguard (with weapons)

from 250 rub. hour.

350 rubles per hour.

Bodyguard-driver (with weapons)

from 300 rub. hour.

400 rubles per hour.


Prices are exclusive of NDS

Private Security Company (PSC) "APSCM" now for over ten years, providing services such as safety and security of businesses and individuals. Your safety will ensure high-class professionals. Security Service CHOP consists of former military special forces the Interior Ministry, Federal Security Service, the Armed Forces, law enforcement officials. For services to protect life and health, tend to treat people who already feel danger or fear. This is usually businessmen, heads of banks, corporations, as well as public people in politics, show business stars.

Our security company can offer you the following security services: protecting the lives and health of citizens, protection of property ownership, design, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems; advice and recommendations to clients on legal protection from illegal encroachments, ensuring the proper order in the field public events, as well as economic security.

Personal protection is the best staff PSC, which are former members of special forces and presidential guard, trained by the international training program - a bodyguard.

In security also includes meeting and support individuals, children, delegations and heads of companies at the airport and railway stations. We also provide professionally trained bodyguards - drivers.

Personal protection - is one of the priorities of our private security company.

The security service made up of the best staff PSC. In the department of personal protection includes former members of special forces, who were trained in an international training program bodyguards.

Providing personal protection based on international practices and years of practical experience. It fully meets today's conditions in Russia and abroad.

During our existence, personal security provided to ensure the safety of Russian and foreign businessmen, show business, individuals and numerous groups of tourists.

When the security of foreign nationals, PSC in consultation with the client is ready to provide an interpreter or a security officer, who has the necessary foreign language.

Various security companies, depending on the specifics of the protected person.

We offer highly skilled and trained professional bodyguards to protect individuals and their families, including trips, business trips and vacation spots, both permanent and temporary basis. We also organize a meeting, and guarding of the guests, both individual and business delegations. The Bodyguard great responsibility for the life of the client. This can not affect the requirements for the selection of this elite composition. Strict requirements for physical education and physical fitness, as well as staff skills, their technical training. Each of the guard must undergo legal training. The group's bodyguards are selected winners of competitions held between members of the PPC and the security services. The success of the bodyguard formed subject to several consecutive and mandatory events - this is, firstly, an analysis of the situation, and secondly, the prognosis of its possible development, and thirdly, the rapid adoption of adequate solutions and professional actions. The presence of large practical experience allows bodyguard to protect the client in extreme conditions. With well-established relationship between the client and staff safety is always easier to implement security client. Between the client and the protection should be a relationship of trust. They are the basis for successful cooperation.

Ensuring personal safety is in close contact with law enforcement authorities.

Collection of money and wealth

Our company provides services to collecting the money, property and securities in an armored car with armed guards. For service providers involved staff specially trained and have practical experience.

To order the collection services please call our office by telephone our staff will tell you about the prices, required documents, the provision of services collecting the money, property and securities.

Fees collection and protection of property during transportation

One-time support courier "Customer"
( (Responsible for the delivery of Belonging
"Customer" values) from the place of the meeting to Destinations

Full-time (08.00 hour. To 20.00 hours) - 7500 rubles for 3 hours (minimum time), each additional hour - 1000 rubles.
Night time (20.00 hour. To 08.00 per hour) 9000 rubles for 3 hours (minimum time), every next hour - 1500 rubles.
(Prices are exclusive of VAT)

Accompanying courier "Customer" (responsible for the delivery of belonging to "Customer" values) from the meeting place to a destination at least three times a week

6600 rubles for 3 hours (minimum time), every next hour - 1800 rubles.
(Prices are exclusive of VAT)

Accompanying courier "Customer" (responsible for the delivery of belonging to "Customer" values) from the meeting place to a destination on a daily basis

4500 rubles for 3 hours (minimum time), every next hour - 1100 rubles.
(Prices are exclusive of VAT)




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